Gallery Apple

Since 2004, Gallery Apple has tried to contribute opportunities of showing contemporary art exhibitions to audiences in South Korea.
We also keep looking potential young artists and support them as contemporary art gallery.
As a result, since 2012 we have successfully hosted ‘Seoul Art Show’ for three year and invite 90 Korean and international art galleries as well as we participated the special exhibition ‘The Young Artist Exhibition’ in 2012.
Through Gallery Apple, our main aim is that making and contributing outstanding exhibitions and introducing young contemporary artists to the art world.


• 2004 Open AKA gallery in Hanok village, Junju, Korea
• 2010 Open AKA Space in Insadoing, Seoul, Korea
• 2012 Host The 1st Seoul Art Show, COEX, Seoul, Korea
• 2013 Host The 2nd Seoul Art Show, COEX, Seoul, Korea
• 2014 Host The 3rd Seoul Art Show, COEX, Seoul, Korea
• 2014 Host The 1st Junbuk Art Show, Sori Arts Centre, Junju, Korea
• 2014 Change gallery name ‘Gallery Apple’