• KUG, Kyungoh

    KUG, Kyungoh

  • Hangeul person_380x210x320_terra-cotta_2018

    Hangeul person_380x210x320_terra-cotta_2018

  • Hangeul person_380x210x320_terra-cotta_2018

    Nature person_Bronze_20x20x97cm_2017

  • KUG, Kyungoh

    Nature person_Bronze_26x26x150cm_2017

  • Hangeul person_380x210x320_terra-cotta_2018

    Hangeul person_380x210x320_terra-cotta_2018

  • Hangeul person_380x210x320_terra-cotta_2018

    Relation 50×27×230cm The engrave and protrusion carved on FRP 2013

Kang Wook Lee(b. 1976)

•1976	Born in Ulsan
•2001	Graduated from Painting Dept., College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik Univ.(B.F.A), Seoul, Korea
•2003	Graduated from Graduate School of Painting Dept., Hong-Ik Univ.(M.F.A), Seoul, Korea 
•2004	The 3rd Resident Artist, Changdong National Art Studio 
		(National Museum of contemporary Art, Korea)
•2011	Graduated from MA in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design (M.A)
•2013	Attending a professional doctorate in Fine Art at University of East Kondon 
		He works and lives in London.



•2014	Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo
•2013	Art On Gallery, Singapore 
•2012	Asia House, London, UK
		Hada Contemporary, London, UK
•2011	Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea 
•2010	Gallery Cha-I, Seoul, Korea
•2007	Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea 
		Hino Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
•2006	Spring Gallery, Shanghai, China
•2005	Galerie de Temps, Tokyo, Japan
		Cheltenham Art Center, Philadelphia, U.S.A
		Gallery Will(Gana Art center), Seoul, Korea
•2004	Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea 
		Gallery Ju-ichi gatsu, Tokyo, Japan 
•2002	Total Art Museum, Jangheung, Korea 
		Hanjeon Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea 


•2014	Power of Five Young Artists (Rho Gallery, Seoul)
		Minimum vs Maximum (Art Center White Block, Paju Heyri)
•2013	SURFACE (Chelseafuturespace, London)
		KIAF (COEX Mall, Seoul)
•2012	R.E.D(Reality Equals Dream)(Art On Gallery, Singapore)
		An Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art (Moorhouse Art / Albemarle Gallery, London)
		Korean Collective Milan (Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art, Milan) 
•2011	Korean Collective Basel 2011 (Leonhard Ruthmuller | Contemporary art, Basel, Switzerland)
		Korean Collective Den Haag 2011 (Galerie Boordeinde Noordeinde , Den Haag, Netherlands)
		Degree Show (Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, United Kingdom)
•2010	Korean Collective London 2010 (Albemarle Gallery, London, United Kingdom)
•2009	Artist of Tomorrow (Gallery Rho, Seoul)
		Lee Kang-wook & Hong Sung-Chul Exhibition (Andy`s Gallery, Seoul)
		Lee Kang-wook & Ban Joo-young Exhibition (GAllery MANO, Seoul)
		The Light of Korean Contemporary Painting (Woorim Gallery, Seoul)
		The True of Retina (Interalia, Seoul)
•2008	Project Overview - New Landscape (InSa Art Center, Seoul)
		Emergentism (Edge Gallery, HongKong)
		KAMI's Choice: The Soul of Korean Contemporary Art(InSa Art Center, Seoul)
		Avenuel Exhibition 'The Blooming Soul' (Gallery Avenuel, Seoul)
		25 Key word showing Young Trend of Korean Contemporary Art (Insa Art center, Seoul)
•2007	Art Arco (Madrid, Spain)
		Lee Kang-wook & La Yoo-seul Exhibition (Gallery MANO, Seoul)
		H • art “Speed Up” (Hyundai Motor Company, Seoul)
		55 Contemporary Artists Selected by Critics under The Sponsorship of Monthly Chosun 
		(Seoul Art Center, Seoul)
•2006	Small Painting ․ Large Mind (Rho Gallery, Seoul)
		Beijing International Art Exposition
		(Exhibition Hall of China World Trade Center, Beijing, China)
		Contemporary Art of Korea and Japan (ONO Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)
		We Meet Prague-Korea, Contemporary Art 16 Artists Joint Exhibition 
		(Galerie Passage, Prague, Czech Republic)
		Organic Form (Chosun Art Gallery, Seoul)
•2005	“Blue”Exhibition (Gana Art center, Seoul)
		Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) (COEX Indian Hall, Seoul)
		Seoul Young Artist Exhibition-Portfolio2005 (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
		The 1st Seoul Young Artist Biennial (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
		For the Mutual Understanding of Contemporary Arts between Korea and America 
		(Cheltenham Art Center, Philadelphia, U.S.A)
		“My Private Gallery” (Gana Art center, Seoul)
•2004	“Happiness-Art Travel” Exhibition with CJ & Eleven (Josun-ilbo Art Museum, Seoul)
		Invited Exhibition by Gallery Demain,'Sketch-Incompletion for Completion or Completion for Incompletion (gallery Demain, Seoul)
		“Cutting Edge” Exhibition (Seoul Auction Center, Seoul)
		“Red Heaven” Exhibition (Changdong National Art Studio , Seoul)
		The 10th contemporary Art of Korea and Japan (Chikyudo gallery, Tokyo, Japan) 
•2003	"Self-demonstration" (Gallery Chang, Seoul)
		The 9th Contemporary Arts of Korea And Japan (Seoul gallery, Seoul)
		Inspection of Contemporary Arts (Kyonggido Culture & Art Center, Suwon)
		“Tokyo-ten” Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan)
•2002	Curator Museum of Xi.,an ( History Museum,, China)
		Invited Exhibition by Jongro Gallery, "Yea․Dong․Jeon․Wha" (Jongro Gallery, Seoul)
		“Multifarious Colours in Shinchon” (Hyundai Art Galley, Seoul)
•2001	G.P.S “4 Inductions” (Hong-ik University Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul)
		Jeongok Archaeology Install Art Festival-“Connection-Chongoknian” 
		(Jeongok Archaeology Museum, Yeonchun)
•2000	The 11th Misulsegae Grand Art Exhibition (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul)
		The 31st University Art Festival (Sungkyunkwan University Art Gallery, Seoul)


•2003	The 3rd Songeun Grand Art Exhibition (a Support Prize)
•2002	The 24th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Competition (a Grand Prize) 
•2002	The 25th Dong-A Art Festival (a Dong-A Art Grand Prize)
•2001	The 15th National Grand Fine Art Exhibition (a Grand Prize)


•Ho-am Art Museum
•Seoul Museum of Art
•National Museum of contemporary Art
•Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
•SamSung Hotel
•LS Industrial Systems Co. Lid.
•Hyundai Motor Company
•Samsung Medical Center
•LG fashion
•KyoWon group
•Tomato Savings Bank
•Marriott Hotel
•Coreana Cosmetics Co. Ltd
•City 7 Hotel
•Centum Leaders Mark